2rees (music)

2rees is making several original pieces of work for Two 2 Duet. We are in the process of making the dance pieces while receiving samples of this artists curious, beat driven, electronic work. Check out their Soundcloud.


Artist Bio:

2rees love for sound was seeded 31 years ago. Their own creations sprouted in Berkeley, California, back in 2010. Since then, love, drugs, heartbreak, travel, a dog, good friends and great family have influenced many new branches and buds. Their roots have spread from Illinois to Wisconsin to California and back. Their networks, vast. Their songs, neverending.

Every seed is a root, every root is a trunk, every trunk is a branch, every branch is a leaf, every leaf is a flower and every flower is a tune. Together they make a 2ree. Together they make a symphony.